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I'm Running With Ed


WhyArt offers Educational Consulting focused on Alternative Learning Programs, Art Centered Learning, Technology Integration, and LD issues. WhyART works with educators and organizations looking for ways to incorporate the Arts and Technology into Alternative, LD centered environments.

WhyART's Core Beliefs:

Everyone is different
Everyone has intrinsic value
Everyone has something to contribute
Our role as mentors, leaders, human beings is to:

  • Find the value
  • Nurture the value
  • Honor the person and their value
    • so that he/she can thrive and find success

Three ART "Whys"

Art communicates ideas within and between cultures
Art nourishes creativity and builds transferable sklls
Art is a pathway to success in other aspects of life

Three TECH "Whys"

Technology values clear, direct communication
Technology responds to need, whether expressed or perceived
Technology is not static; like life, it changes

Why Art and Tech Are Synergistic:

Each offers an interactive environment: peers and partnerships prevail over talking heads
Each builds skills via visual cues and hands-on experiences; language is secondary
Each is open-ended; a variety of paths can simultaneously produce successful outcomes

Looking for ways to infuse Art and Technology throughout your program? Contact WhyART!

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